Wool is an amazing material created by nature for both summer and winter use.

The wool used by Joha is called Merino wool, and it is some of the finest wool available. The wool is characterised by its long 100% natural fibres giving it a nice and incredibly soft comfort.

The wool adjusts the temperature in a natural way, and it has almost the same effect as a thermostat. It provides comfortable warmth when it is cold, but it also keeps the body cool on a hot summer's day. The many wool fibres create millions of tiny air pockets. These tiny air pockets help warming and insulating - also in moist condition.

To a larger extent than any other fibres, wool has the capacity to absorb and contain moisture. In fact, wool is capable of absorbing 40% of its own weight without feeling wet (cotton absorbs 7%). Therefore, wool is an ideal material as the inner layer of clothes.

Joha manufactures both 100% wool clothes and wool combined with other materials. The website also contains details about the different combinations.




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