Our wool


Wool absorbs moisture and will keep your child dry, protecting the health and well-being of the little ones. With it’s unique isolating qualities it naturally regulates the body temperature.

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With 100% cotton on the inside and 100% merino wool on the outside kids with sensitive skin can enjoy the unique qualities of wool too.

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Our exclusive quality for those who wants the best of the best. The unique combination of wool and silk creates a light and comfortable feeling against the skin.

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Our extra soft and light 100% merino quality. One of our absolute finest qualities and the perfect outer layer for e.g. outdoor use and in the stroller.

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About Katvig

Katvig represents clothing designed for little sizes that we can vouch for and be proud of. It makes children of all ages feel comfortable and creates a sense of coziness.


From the smallest sewing to the largest roll of fabric, we've thought things through. How do we make our organic clothes even better? How do we optimize material consumption so that we avoid waste? Katvig is stylish throughout and created to be used and passed down.

Our unique quality ensures that the clothes can withstand repeated washes, even when exposed to the first strawberries of summer, a long day at the playground, or finger painting in art class. Children must have the freedom to be children, and we must give them the best conditions to develop themselves. Now and in the future.



For the love of the earth


How can we recycle? How can we take care of the environment and contribute to making our planet even greener? Those are quesions we ask ourselves every day.
Another environment that is close to our hearts is the working environment. Regardless of which part of the Katvig chain our suppliers contribute to, it takes place under orderly conditions with respect for the individual.



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